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Inspired By: Rodrigo Canales "The deadly genius of drug cartels"

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"The US is the largest market for illegal substances in the world accounting for half the global demand."

This TED Talk by Rodrigo Canales titled "The deadly genius of drug cartels" explains how the cartels operate on a bigger scale than Apple or Microsoft.

MJ Mondays

Happy Monday!Now Available in the shop...

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A true NY Basketball Legend. Gone way too soon.

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Steph Curry 8th Grade Footage [Watch Here]

Before "Splash Brothers" & Chef Curry, Stephen Curry was an 8th grader at Etobicoke school in Toronto.The game filmed was an exhibition game against school staff & his father Dell. Curry is #12

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Remembering Leonard Nimoy (Spock of Star Trek)

For anyone who thinks Pharrell invented Star Trek and the "V" hand sign for Virginia, watch the clip below from the 1967, Star Trek Season Opener where Spock introduced the world to the "Vulcan Salute"."Live Long and Prosper"

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Zane Lowe Interviews Kanye West... Again. [Watch Here]

Looks like Kanye has been getting some media training from Kris Kardashian.

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Throwback Thursday Music: Public Enemy Fight The Power

If you've never watched this video or heard this song, then you probably don't appreciate the UNDRCRWN brand as much as you should. This video was directed by Spike Lee at the same time as his infamous film "Do The Right Thing". It's now a classic timepiece the represents this moment in time. Remember the past, Invent [...]

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Art: Banksy Uses The Gaza Strip As His Canvas

Artist Banksy takes his show to the sunny Gaza Strip. Accessed by way of an illegal tunnel system burrowing under the massive walls encasing the region, he explores the rubble left behind from the recent conflict with Israel in hopes of raising awareness. The video, set to East Flatbush Project’s “Tried By Twelve” instrumental, finds [...]

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Chamillionaire Turns Rap Success Into a Place In Venture Capital

You're never too old to make a transition.Chamillionaire went from being rapper to a meme / youtube sensation telling a stories about Michael Jordan. Now he's speaking amongst fellow entrepreneurs at Tech Conferences & has a residence at a venture capitalist firm. #BrandForChampions

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